You Need This Webinar To Be Able To Pinpoint Hijackal Patterns!

Hijackals! Crazy-making, exhausting, demeaning, conniving Hijackals. You've already made some smart choices to learn about Hijackals by getting my two ebooks. Good for you! You want your life to improve...and fast!

Once you read How To Spot A Hijackal and Escaping The Hijackal Trap, you'll have a much clearer picture of what's really going on in your relationship. And, you'll understand why it's so crazy-making. Being able to put your finger on these traits and patterns is the beginning of regaining your sanity and stopping the crazy-making.

Whether it's your partner, your ex, your parent, or someone at work, you need insights, strategies, and skills.

Did you buy the $7 ebook?
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Next step:
To help you further, I recorded this webinar. You need to fully grasp, see, and recognize these right now in your relationship, and this webinar will certainly help with that. The good news is that you can watch it as often as you want:

5 Crazy-Making Behaviors That Hijackals Can't Hide AND Why You NEED To See Them Now

Watch it right now.  Only $27

In this 42-minute webinar,  I share some very in-depth information about the classic stealth maneuvers of Hijackals. These are the ones that wear you down, and wear you out to the point that you sometimes feel you don't know your own name. And, that's just the way the Hijackal wants you to feel: completely powerless. You need that to stop now, right? So watch this right away.

Almost every Hijackal you will ever come across behaves in these ways, and once you are familiar with them, you'll be able to notice right away. Bells will go off. You can protect yourself. You'll know what to do.  You'll be able to throw away your rose-colored glasses, never to miss red flags again.

You know that you need the information and support.

AND, THERE'S ANOTHER GOOD REASON TO WATCH THIS WEBINAR: At the end, it gives you a $200 off code for my 6-Session Optimize S.Y.S.T.E.M group coaching program. Wow!

Grab this opportunity to take a big, positive leap towards a happier, healthier life! You deserve it...and, don't let any Hijackal tell you differently, either. 

I so look forward to meeting you in the group coaching program very soon.

I wish you well.

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler,
The Relationship Help Doctor

P.S. Even if it turns out the person you are THINKING is a Hijackal is really just having a bad year, this new knowledge and awareness will help you adapt and manage when you DO meet a real Hijackal. You'll be able to identify them quickly, and take evasive action to avoid being caught in their trap!


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