Relationship Help for High-Conflict Situations


High Stress has a High yourself, to relationships, to the family, to the workplace.

Are you living or working with a high-conflict person? A chronically difficult person?
You might be if several or all of these are true in your relationship:

  • Trust is questionable.
  • Communication is vague.
  • Conflict management is of no interest to them.
  • Emotional intimacy is nil.
  • You don't feel safe to talk.
  • You purposely avoid conversations.
  • It's always your fault, somehow.
  • You're never right. You cannot win.
  • They assume and presume but never ask.
  • They act on feelings not facts.
  • They are incapable of self-reflection.
  • Fear is their operating system.

High Conflict Co-Parenting Strategies

High Conflict co-parenting is stressful.  When your ex is a Hijackal®, you need specific strategies to keep conflict away from the children. Don't take your divorce out on your kids! High-conflict co-parenting strategies are essential to learn and use to protect your children from unnecessary emotional conflict. When a relationship involving a high-conflict person ends, make Read More > >

How To Cope With Divorce | The Hijackal Trap

High conflict divorces involve at least one high conflict person... That's a person who loves the sense of battle and is preoccupied with blaming and controlling. These divorces seem to never be least, emotionally.  And, the children often suffer the most.  Motive and Means distinguish a high conflict divorce from ones that are either Read More > >

How to Survive in a High-Conflict Family

Did you grow up in a high-conflict family? The effect of a high-conflict person within a family is long-lasting. If you did, you have to learn how to clarify, express and maintain healthy boundaries now.  When you were young, you did what you needed to to survive. Now, you want to do more than survive: Read More > >

Relentlessly Difficult People at Work

If you are daily dealing with people who fit these high conflict criteria, you are likely dealing with a "Hijackal®*", maybe even a resulting high conflict environment. How do you recognize them? They:  usually want things their way. want to be the center of attention in most things in order to fulfill their unmet emotional Read More > >

 Getting the relationship help you need for to manage relationship with a high-conflict person is the wise next step...immediately.

Fortunately, you're in the right place.  

Get the insights, skills, strategies, solutions & support you need now. 

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