Healing After Abuse

Healing After Abuse is possible.

Healing After Abuse is necessary.

You are worth the time and effort.

It will change your life and relationships.

You deserve to be Healing After Abuse!

Recognizing that you have been in an abusive relationship takes courage.  I know that. Know that you did not walk into the relationship expecting abuse, and you likely did everything in your power to please, appease, and make it stop. 

You were constantly told that everything was your fault, and you may have believed it. It wasn’t your fault, and now it’s time to recover your self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence to allow you to live and love fully. The good news is that  you can! 

You can rediscover yourself, your values, your vision for your life, and your next best steps.

The greatest gift you can give yourself–and your children, no matter their ages–is to fully recognize, realize, and recover from the abuse a Hijackal cannot help but inflict. And, you cannot do it any younger! 

Healing After Abuse is your investment in yourself. You matter! You show yourself that you do by taking the steps to release and relieve yourself of the pain, mistaken beliefs, limiting mindsets, and horrible words thrown at you.

You deserve to be happy, healthy, and excited about life.

Healing After Abuse will give you the insights, tools, space, and support to re-create your life, to recognize real love, and to release the past.

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