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Learning, adopting and implementing Dr. Shaler’s strategies will help solve your ‘people problems’

Keynotes, Conference Breakouts, Half Day, Full Day and Retreat formats.

PREVENT FREE FALL, Pack Your Own Parachute: Taming Tense Teams

Anxiety and poor ‘people skills’ cost your organization time, energy, creativity, productivity & money. Add to that lost clients and co-workers and you have a drain that is taking profits right out the door. Give your teams the insights, information & inspiration to handle difficult times, difficult issues, difficult situations and, difficult people now.

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WRESTLING RHINOS: Conquering Conflict in the Wilds of Work

Based on Dr. Shaler’s book of the same title. CONFLICT happens. It needs to be dealt with effectively. Competently, comfortably and confidently turn confrontation into communication.

SAY WHAT YOU MEAN: Effective Communication Strategies That Save Time, Energy, Money & Frustration

If you want a project changed, a raise, or, even, your babysitter to arrive at a specific time – what is required is that you SAY WHAT YOU MEAN in a way that the LISTENER will perceive the information as you intended—AND YOU GREATLY INCREASE THE LIKELIHOOD OF GETTING THE RESPONSE YOU WA NT. Learn the skills & strategies that make all the difference!


Strategies for turning confrontation into productive conversation. Strengthen relationships and foster creativity with pro-active conflict management.


You cannot always walk away from work and home situations you share with those you consider ‘difficult’. Learn skills and strategies for managing people, situations and behaviors that drive you up the wall like hostile customers, indecisive bosses & over-agreeable, do-nothing co-workers.

drama in my relationship

DON’T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN!™ – Managing Anger – Yours and Theirs

Unexpressed, or poorly expressed, anger is one of the top reasons why people can be under-productive, burned out and difficult to get along with. If you are experiencing those symptoms, or you want to defuse underlying tension among team members, this practical seminar can put you on the right track, right away.


Whether it’s about money, time, commitment or cooperation, negotiating is simply a conversation intended to create change in a relationship or outcome. Strong skills make that conversation easier, more productive & profitable. It is critical to your success to negotiate well.

WINNING THE INSIDE GAME: How to Find, Motivate, Maximize & Keep Your Best People

Your internal clients—your partners, managers, employees—are your greatest assets. For maximum success, give your players the effective communication, conflict management & negotiating skills they need to be a strong, winning, supportive team.

Optimize Your Network! How to Make an Entrance and Work a Room

Your network creates your net worth. If no one remembers you after the event, why bother showing up? (not available as full day program)

Optimize! Balancing on Your Competitive Edge.

Prevent freefall. Pack your own parachute! Learn the vital survival skills that will sustain you and your organization through tough times and maximize performance all the time!

For community events and spousal programs, Dr. Shaler also offers:

Recover from Hijackals. Rediscover yourself.Optimize Life Now! Never Mistake Activity for Progress.

You are SO busy, but what are you busy about? Don’t be one of millions who are making a life’s work of ‘getting ready to get ready.’ for success.

Optimize Life Now! Your Past is Not Your Potential.

Don’t walk backwards into your future! Unleash your potential. Move beyond your past and into your optimal future.

Prosperity On Purpose! Essentials for LIVING RICHLY™ in Every Way

What you need to know to create the Life You Most Want. Attitudes and strategies that shift results from acceptable to exceptional.

Optimize Your Relationships. Live Your Expectations.

Your relationships reflect the energy and expectations you put into them. Be the Best You. Inspire the Best in Others!

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