How to spot a Hijackal

An introduction to the toxic people I call Hijackals. Get my free ebook to help you quickly recognize them, especially when they’ve been right under your nose for years.

Escaping the Hijackal Trap

Even when you know you’re with a Hijackal, getting out of a toxic relationship – or understanding how to live safely and fully within one – can seem really hard. 

Be Narcissist Proof

Boost your resilience and resistance to Hijackals in your future. You deserve to live free of emotional and verbal abuse. Learn how to reclaim your power and rebuild your life.

Dive Deeper & Learn More

My online courses offer bite-sized steps to recognizing, then recovering and rebuilding after, toxic relationships.

Buy books & audio

Need to work up to doing the work? Grab one or two of my ebooks or audio “booster shots” to get you started.

Work with Dr. Shaler

When you know you’re ready to start really doing the work to build your own strength, navigate issues with your partner, or make a plan for next steps, work with me directly.

Do you know a Hijackal?

If you feel hoodwinked, scapegoated, always wrong, always blamed, and powerless, you are likely in the grips of a Hijackal.

Book an introductory session with Dr. Shaler

Still not sure? I have 100s of podcast episodes and videos covering all aspects of toxic relationships, narcissistic people, and verbal and emotional abuse. See if anything resonates for you.

Uncover valuable insights about your relationship – with a partner, ex, parent, sibling, or adult child.

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