Family Mediation

Families often don’t see eye to eye.  That’s unfortunate, but true. That’s where family mediation can be very helpful.

Working with a professional mediator who will facilitate conversations that can get too hot to handle will keep the heat down while shining light on the issues that matter!

family mediation

The folks in this picture–one big, supposedly happy family–look like they are having a great time.  But, it is highly likely that there are looming conflicts, long-held grudges, and potentially volatile situations when they are not all smiling for the camera.  They are like most families.  They have issues like:

  • John and Joan, when they had financial difficulties, have not been able to pay their uncle back in a timely manner.
  • When Ralph and Emma divorced, there was much bad blood. Now, Ralph is tolerated, while being judged mercilessly even though he shows up at family events for the sake of his children.
  • The fellow in the back is an alcoholic. He has ruined relationships with most of his siblings over the years. Now, he has been in recovery for ten years and people still treat him as a second-rate family member and whisper about him.
  • Then, there’s Grandpa and Grandma who are very elderly.  Their care, as well as their home, possessions and money, are topics of heated debate by two of their children.

And, so it goes.

Wise families know they need the help, guidance and insights of a professional mediator.

Handling hot issues and long-standing debates well relieves pressure and promotes harmony.  It puts an end to the often constant “who did what to whom when” conversations that run around families like greased lightning. Oops! That adds to the fire. Soon, it’s out of control and there are no more pictures of happy family gatherings.

Don’t let this happen to your family. Mediate your differences. Stop the bleed. End the growing pain and discomfort. 

Call me now. I’ll work with you via Zoom private video, so distances do not interfere with creating understanding and new agreements and solutions.

Book a $97 Introductory Session today to discuss your situation and the outcomes you’re looking for.


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...AMAZING recommendations! So practical and to the point.
These are AMAZING recommendations! So practical and to the point. ‘Be the model for what you want to be for your children!’ Thanks so much, Dr. Shaler.
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