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Dr. Rhoberta Shaler | Hijackal Help

Do you have a partner, ex, or parent who makes you question your sanity and second guess yourself? You may be with a Hijackal.

I don't like folks using psychological labels  for other people in their lives. They don't help unless you're well-versed in what they actually mean outside of the public ideas about them. That's why I created the term, Hijackals. I help their partners, exes, and adult children  name, see, and recover from what has been--and is--crazy-making behavior and interaction. That's why I removed the psychological labels and made clear the pool of traits from which Hijackals drink!

As the author of sixteen books,  I have written much about relationships. My new ebook, Escaping the Hijackal Trap: The Truth About Hijackals & Why They Are Crazy-Making  can really help you see and understand what is going on in your relationship, so that you can stop the crazy-making. It's available on Amazon to download immediately.

People with chronic passive-aggressive behaviors may be High-Conflict People, or full-blown Hijackals. In 2015, I wrote The Hijackal Trap: The Hidden Anger of Passive-Aggression.  Earlier, I wrote an ebook that has become very popular:  Stop! That's Crazy-Making! How to Quit Playing the Passive-Aggressive Game.  You'll find lots of new insights, skills, and strategies that you can try immediately in any of my books. You can also take my free online Passive-Aggressive Checklist and find out more about what's really going on! 

Don't worry! Being with a Hijackal is something that is very hard to see when you're in the relationship. There are reasons why you were attracted to your partner--not all of them so good. There are many reasons why your Hijackal saw you as likely prey, and will continue to treat you that way until you get the help you need to stop the game!

I can help you, and I want to. I am uniquely qualified to do that, not only because of my PhD in psychology. Even with that, I was still susceptible to Hijackals. It wasn't until I figured it all out and did my own work to understand how I became "Hijackal Bait", why I attracted them in droves, and what I needed to do internally to stop the madness, and see myself and Hijackals differently.  Then, life changed. That's why I know I can help you.

For those ready to work with me, I like to start with a $97 Introductory Session to really understand where you're at, and see if we're a good fit.  This will get us on the road to some powerful work.

Let's talk soon if you're ready to make those changes. In the meantime, your free ebook is on its way to you and click the button below to continue.

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See you inside,
Dr. Rhoberta Shaler
The Relationship Help Doctor

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