Continuous Coping = STUCK in SURVIVAL MODE

So thrilled to have made it to a 300th episode! Thank you for your support!

… and that is unhealthy — for YOU.

Healthy relationships have equality, reciprocity, and mutuality. Toxic relationships do not. You will be coping tooooo much, and in balance tooooo little.

Does that sound familiar? You could be giving your life away to a narcissist with nothing but promises in return. Listen in to this episode and find out what’s true for you.

To cope is defined as “to deal effectively with something” (Oxford) or to “deal with and attempt to overcome problems and difficulties.” When you have to do that ALL the time because you’re with a person, partner, or parent who demands it, it’s exhausting. Sure, we can cope with emergencies. That’s normal and healthy. BUT, COPING all the time? NOOOOOO! That’s what it feels like when you’re with a narcissistic Hijackal, right? Everything is an emergency that you have to deal with: their emergencies, needs, demands, or directives.


  • Why coping is an interim strategy, NOT a lifestyle
  • When you find yourself running to please someone else, you can lose yourself
  • Why it’s important to see the narcissistic behavior clearly
  • Hijackals don’t change except for a hot minute when they want something from you
  • Identify if you are exhausted from coping with a narcissist for years

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