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Workplace Mediation - Managing Conflict in the Workplace because there is no question that things go sideways and upside down in the relationships, circumstances, conditions and situations at work.

That's why folks go home with their shoulders up near their earlobes!

managing conflict in the workplaceBoth employers and employees need to look forward to and finish each day with a sense of contribution, creativity and collaboration. That's what actually creates productivity. But, when tension is high and tempers are volatile...even when it all seems to be under the radar...no one is having a good day.

“…up to 42% of an employee’s time is spent engaging in or resolving conflict.”  Dana Mediation Institute


Can you possibly afford that?

  • If you are the employee, can you spend your time like that and still make a significant contribution to the mission of your workplace?
  • If you are the employer, can you afford to have up to 42% of your payroll just walking out the door with nothing to show for it?

No! That's why mediation and re-mediation are significant to your success.

When you mediate an existing difficulty and/or commit to bi-annual re-mediations for your team, you are saying that you want people to be able to give all their attention to the mission, not the mess! That's a wise business decision!

Human Resource Managers know the value of mediation. Valuable employees to the company can usually be retained by mediating interpersonal relationships and mediating conflict situations. This saves the company both time and money, to say nothing of the stress, anxiety and tension it reduces.

Contact Dr. Rhoberta Shaler to discuss your specific needs and we'll make a plan to work with your team at our office, at your business or over the telephone.

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