Divorce Mediation – Separation Mediation

When classes have not helped and relationship problems continue, you may know you are ready to part.

Mediation is the best way to resolve issues regarding the marital settlement, either legal separation or divorce. Mediation takes you to the point of preparation and filing of papers.

Divorce MediationDivorce Mediation is the next best step when...

  • differences seem irreconcilable
  • your attempts at talking without a mediator are frustrating, fruitless or enraging
  • pain is severe
  • loss is deep
  • emotions are out of control
  • anger is too often too close to the surface
  • children are involved
  • tempers habitually flare
  • you don't want to end up hating each other, or
  • you're concerned about being betrayed, misunderstood,  or unfairly taken

...you are wise to consider mediation first.

Why? Because divorce is much more than a legal matter!  Divorce is the ending of a relationship that began in love and lost its way, and in the meantime, created, acquired, learned and changed. It is not a simple tally but a relationship that deserves the shift that mediation can bring.

Divorce mediation is the way to find your way through the debris equitably, without letting what is most important to you be forgotten. It is the most productive approach for reasonable people to create the agreements they need to bring the marriage to a conclusion. Custody mediation is an important part of this process.

Mediation has its roots in both law and counseling. It is a valuable form of Alternate Dispute Resolution that can save you from litigation ...and save your relationships, your team, your partnership and your business.

Engaging a neutral, professionally-trained mediator allows each person involved to feel safe in the dispute resolution process: no special-interest pleading, no taking sides, no politics.

Each party is able to engage fully with the mediator and the process, and have equal input into the outcome. Mediated outcomes become agreements between and among parties that create a new basis of interaction. Mediation is a non-binding negotiation.

Oh, and, it's much less expensive than going to an attorney.  Dr. Shaler will take you through the full range of issues, items and considerations for creating your divorce terms. You, then, take it to an attorney to have your marital settlement agreement reviewed and turned into your final divorce settlement.

Mediation saves you money during the negotiations with your partner. Although you can even do a divorce in California on your own, without a lawyer or mediator, most folks find it cost-, time-, energy-, money- and drama-reducing to process the terms of your divorce through mediation.

If you are ready to create a legal separation but not ready for divorce, mediation is the best answer.

Mediate the terms of your legal separation well and it will form the basis of your divorce should you decide to proceed.

Call Dr. Shaler today to discuss your needs and desired outcomes.  Working together can be done in her office, at a neutral location, or by telephone.




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