Help for managing conflict in relationships

Conflict in relationships happens!

Unless we live in a vacuum, we will have conflict with others.

And, even then, we would have conflicts within ourselves! That's where mediation services are helpful!

Conflict and confrontation are sparks to creativity, growth, clarity and depth...if they are handled wisely and well. Otherwise, they lead to conflagration, big fires that sometimes never seem to go out.

When you have been feeding a small fire, or having a small fire fed for you, it is wise to find a way to use it as a catalyst to move the relationship forward. If not, it will be out of control and growing, or at a minimum, keeping your afraid that it will.

People are different.

Most folks enjoy rubbing a few sticks together occasionally to create few sparks, but they have little interest in creating forest fires.

Some folks seems to enjoy starting and nurturing fires. They love to talk about them to anyone who will listen, to feed them. Fire fodder!

And, then, some enjoy starting, building and maintaining a good, blazing , often intended-to- roast kind of fire in many places.

Mediation turns your fire into fuel that gives lift-off to your relationship.

Whether  it propels it to new heights or turns the heat source off, you will have pro-actively created a fire break that will add to the safety and reduce the fear and anxiety of living or working together.

Don't wait for a crisis.  Too many people wait until fires cannot be contained. The fires jump the fences and wreak havoc in the neighborhood--at home, in the community, or at work.  Regular relationship mediation keeps your primary relationships in green and growing mode. Small fires are given the attention they require before they heat you up too much, or threaten to torch your relationships.

"When you care about your relationships with yourself, with those you live with and those you work with or employ, you must recognize growth and change happens. Relationships are not in the "set and forget" category. They are living, breathing, dynamic entities whose participants are growing and changing. Healthy relationships respect and accommodate change. That's why I recommend that couples, families, and workplace groups and teams have, at least, annual re-mediations. It saves money, anxiety, productivity, creativity, passion and collaboration. All worth saving!"

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler works with individuals, couples, families, organizations and teams to help conflict become communication. That leads to new understandings and new agreements. Whether you're at the crisis point, approaching the crisis point, or wanting to avoid the crisis point, mediation is the next best step.

Mediate now. Re-Mediate regularly.

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