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Clarifying Passive Aggressive Behavior Checklist

This checklist is most helpful AFTER you have completed the Identifying Passive-Aggressive Behavior checklist.

If you scored high on that one, you may benefit from the additional insights in this checklist.

Think of only one person as you do the checklist.

For each behavior item, give the person a score of from one to five.

1 means s/he rarely (including never) engages in the behavior or can seldom be described this way.
2 means sometimes (enough that you can remember a recent incident)
3 means often (has happened once or twice in the past 7 days, and is like that a lot)
4 means usually (there are occasional breaks in the behaviour, but it’s quite common)
5 means s/he always engages in the behavior and rarely, if ever, behaves differently in this situation.  



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