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Category Archives: Passive-Aggressive Behavior

How to Recover from A Passive-Aggressive Person

One thing that certainly comes near to the top of the list of relationship problems that are uncovered in my sessions with clients is passive-aggressive behavior. Sometimes, it is hard to see it clearly, but it is never difficult to feel its effects. In this three part series, you will get insights about: How to Recognize a Passive-Aggressive Person; How to Respond to a Passive-Aggressive Person and finally, How to Recover from a Passive-Aggressive Person.

How Can I Respond to a Passive-Aggressive Person

Responding to Passive Aggressive people

Respond to a Passive Aggressive Person Effectively

In an earlier blog post, I wrote about 'How to Recognize a Passive Aggressive Person," and now the next stop is what to do with the relationship you have with them. There is no question that it will be somewhere between mildly frustrating and passionately infuriating!

Relationship Help: I just don’t know why s/he gets under my skin!

Have you ever been ‘gone around’ at work? You know those times, when you are the point person for a particular project and your requests for co-operation are ignored or you feel purposefully left out of the loop. Recently I was coaching a management team where this was common. No wonder they were at each…


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