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Real Grown-Ups Don’t Fight Because They Know These Three Things

Fighting is what kids do because they have no skills and brains under construction! They don’t know better. Some adults don’t seem to know better, either. Hijackals definitely don’t, right? Today’s episode will help you, not them. That’s a good thing! Emotional grown-ups don’t fight. Kids and needy adults fight. You don’t want to be…

Listening in a relationship is important

Listening Well Really Matters. Here’s Why!

Many relationship issues arise from lack of listening. Hearing is NOT enough. You have to listen. The major difference between hearing and listening is that hearing engages your ears only and listening engages your mind. You hear lots of sounds: noises in the house, cars going by, televisions in the background. You don’t listen to these unless…

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3 Key Shifts To Make Your Good Relationship Great

Warm, comfortable relationships can get even better with these three key shifts. Many times, when your relationship seems happier, easier, and more content than ones your friends have, you think you’ve hit the jackpot. Maybe, it’s no longer exciting, new, or intriguing, but it is comfortable and seemingly secure. That’s a super starting place! But…

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Manage Anger Or It Will Manage You!

When people come to me for anger management coaching and classes, they often say: “I don’t like who I am when I let my anger fly!”  They are disappointed, embarrassed, humiliated, and/or, having to mop up a big spill of emotions that didn’t need to happen. You might say, “Yes, it did! I just couldn’t stand…


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