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Ever Feel Like A Doormat or Object? Boundaries Will Fix That. Learn How.

Do people treat you poorly? Do you feel put-down, ignored, and walked over and taken advantage of? You need boundaries, strong, clear, expressed, and maintained boundaries. You need to believe you have the right to take up space and draw breath on this earth, and teach people how to treat you. Are you ready for…

Those Red Flags! Why Didn't I See Them Sooner?

Those Red Flags! Why Didn’t I See Them Sooner?

Hindsight is excellent. You know that. One of the hardest things to see when you’re falling in love is those red flags. You want to fall in love. It’s wonderful. It’s magical. Nothing should get in its way. Not even a Hijackal™*! Those red flags may not have been waving wildly, just quietly and occasionally.…


When Is It A Rough Patch and When Is It Abuse? Recognize abuse!

Is what you’re going through–or watching someone else go through–just a rough patch or actually abuse? Too many people put up with bad behaviors they make excuses for, and put up with, that are really abusive and need to stop! Recognize abuse when it’s happening. No one likes to think they are being abused. You, like…

How to Eat an Elephant

I’m so happy you stopped by for your free gift. My ebook, How To Eat An Elephant: 13 Spoonfuls To Nourish Your Relationship With Yourself, helps you to focus on yourself for a bit. No, that’s not self-centered. It’s wise! Why? Because you cannot give a gift you do not have. You have to have Read More > >


Kaizen for Couples Being well-informed about Hijackals is critical to escaping the Hijackal Trap. Best next step? READ THIS BOOK for a more in-depth understanding of the finer–and, the uglier–points, of dealing with Hijackals. Escaping the Hijackal Trap: The Truth about Hijackals & Why they are Crazy-making.  Download it in PDF format NOW for just $7.

Relationship Help Network

Relationship Help Network

Subscribe to my podcasts! Listen here or on your favorite app: Get answers and insights to many surprisingly common relationship issues that often cause you to feel incredibly alone and mistreated.  I tackle all sorts of different topics, including how to improve your relationship with yourself, so you can be a better partner.  There are Read More > >


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