Going Home for the Holidays & Hoping It Will Be Different?

Is it realistic to expect that you can go home for the holidays and people will treat you as you are at this point in your life? Or, will they treat as they are comfortable thinking of you as they knew you? Sometimes, people like to keep us in the Continue Reading →

Your Children Watch You. What Are They Learning?

Children watch. From the moment they are born, they watch…and, they are watching you.  Right from birth, your children watch. They are being imprinted with all that they take in through their senses, through what they see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. They have no language but they hear the Continue Reading →

12 Relationship “Do’s” For A More Loving Holiday Season

TWELVE RELATIONSHIP “DO’S” FOR THE HOLIDAYS ….and every day!  Relationship help that, well…helps!  People fall in love, get engaged and get married over the holidays.  People visit families and feel at home, or remember why they seldom visit.  People react to the stress of the holidays poorly and relationships crack, Continue Reading →

Ever say ‘I’m Feeling Taken For Granted In My Relationship?”

Feeling taken for granted is an underlying relationship problem that can pop up regularly. It wears many disguises in a relationship. When your partner finds ways to justify behavior that leaves you feeling unheard, unseen, and unsupported, it’s likely that you will start feeling taken for granted. S/he just expects Continue Reading →

How to Avoid “Holiday Hell” with Family, Friends & Partners!

Holiday Hell! That’s when you are pushed, pressured, obligated and bound by the expectations of others that you have taken on yourself. Those others may be your family, your partner, your church, workplace or culture. You somehow feel you HAVE to do things, to live up to those expectations.  GREAT Continue Reading →

Relationship Help: 3 Big Steps To Turn Holiday Duty & Dread Into Love & Delight

Because big family holidays and celebrations tend to bring into focus the way we really feel–duty, dread or delight, here’s some relationship help insights to make it easier . But, how is it for you? Do you look forward to joining with your family and delighting in the celebration? Or, Continue Reading →

Relationship Help: Is it the little things that really get to you?

Oh, yes! Those little sideways glances, rolling eyes, hrmphs, and pauses are often the things that set off conversations that go nowhere good.  It’s the little things. It’s the lid off the toothpaste tube each morning with all that bright blue goop in the sink. It’s the failure to put Continue Reading →

Relationship Help: Does Your Ex Bad Mouth You to Your Kids?

It is SUCH an obvious thing that should not happen: ex-partners badmouthing one another to the children. That’s when you really might need to step up and get relationship help to put a stop to it!  It is SO important to manage your relationship with your ex WITH YOUR EX, Continue Reading →