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Relationship Problems: Moving towards bitter, or better?

In relationships, stuff happens. There are always relationship problems, and they range from incidental to mammoth. When you talk to other people about an issue in your relationship before you have discussed it fully with your partner, you are “dialing for drama.” Read this blog post to understand why that only makes things worse and is voting in the direction of bitter rather than better for your relationship.

Mediation Services to solve relationship problems

If you are having relationship problems at home or at work,  I can help. Conflict is inevitable. Combat can leave you dead right, but, dead nonetheless! Mediation creates clarity, communication & collaboration to live with new agreements. – Rhoberta Shaler, PhD Whether you are focused on improving your relationship, or ending it, my clients say Read More > >

Healing After A Loss Takes Longer Than You Wish It Did!

We all experience loss. Someone leaves us. Someone dies. Jobs end. Children leave home or stop talking to us. Loss feels bad. And, it takes longer to heal after a loss than you wish it did! Loss hurts! It makes you question life, love, values and beliefs. It can turn you from a peaceful person…

Keynotes & Seminars

“Motivating, inspiring, content-rich, practical. What more could we have wanted!” These power-packed topics are available as keynotes, breakouts and half or full-day seminars. SPEAKING & SEMINAR TOPICS: SEX, LIES & CELLPHONES: Becoming Self-Aware & “Other” Wise Relationships often show many symptoms before breaking out into something really uncomfortable, nasty or hard to recover from.  Dr. Read More > >

Relationship Help: Ever Feel Taken for Granted?

A great enemy of loving relationships is that old phrase: “taken for granted.” It’s a sure sign of needing relationship help. Many folks who have been in relationship for a while are well-served by stopping to think about whether or not they might be taking their partners for granted. What does it mean, to take…


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