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coparenting with a hijackal - parents arguing in front of kids

Raised by a Hijackal, a Toxic, Difficult, Even Narcissistic Parent?

If that’s the case. deep down you may believe some very negative things about yourself. Today. I talk about what happens if you’re raised by a toxic, difficult person. What are some of the things that you might look at within yourself and: the way your life is going the way your relationships are going the…

Relationship Help: Are You Living with a High-Conflict Person?

High-conflict people leave you feeling used, abused and usually wrong. You cannot do enough to make them happy, get their approval, or feel you can relax. That takes relationship help. You may well be living or working with a high-conflict person if: you never quite feel you can trust them you always feel as though…

12 Relationship “Do’s” For A More Loving Holiday Season

TWELVE RELATIONSHIP “DO’S” FOR THE HOLIDAYS ….and every day!  Relationship help that, well…helps!  People fall in love, get engaged and get married over the holidays.  People visit families and feel at home, or remember why they seldom visit.  People react to the stress of the holidays poorly and relationships crack, develop fracture lines, or fall…

Relationship Problems: Moving towards bitter, or better?

In relationships, stuff happens. There are always relationship problems, and they range from incidental to mammoth. When you talk to other people about an issue in your relationship before you have discussed it fully with your partner, you are “dialing for drama.” Read this blog post to understand why that only makes things worse and is voting in the direction of bitter rather than better for your relationship.

How to Avoid “Holiday Hell” with Family, Friends & Partners!

Holiday Hell! That’s when you are pushed, pressured, obligated and bound by the expectations of others that you have taken on yourself. Those others may be your family, your partner, your church, workplace or culture. You somehow feel you HAVE to do things, to live up to those expectations.  GREAT NEWS! Holiday Hell is self-imposed…


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