The Scam, Sham & Spam of Pseudomutuality

pseudomutuality is not a healthy relationship dynamic [image man with mask in hand, woman walking by]

How & Why Hijackals® Create a Lie of Loyalty You know how some people and families both “put on a front” and are “a closed shop?” You can sense that something is off but the story they tell sounds good. They may be SO good at the story that you can’t help but believe it. Why […]


reactive abuse

How Emotional Abusers Push You To It, Blame You For It & Shame You With It! Do you ever wonder if you’re the problem in a relationship when you know that the other person is forever pushing your buttons, blaming and shaming you? You may be suffering from “Reactive Abuse,” and that’s a cycle that […]

PASTCASTING™? What it is & 8 Ways It Can Keep Your Stuck in a Toxic Relationhip

Wonder why you don’t seem to create the momentum to address your toxic relationship? PastCasting™ is one way. It’s my term for a well-established internal program that immediately causes you to stay stuck, even when you know you’re settling and unhappy. Or, why you are fearful and exhausted. It’s so much easier to think of […]

10 Underhanded Ways Gaslighting Shows Up in Relationships

gaslighting is emotional abuse. "it is intended to make you forget who you are and accept another person's view of your reality"

Understanding the many faces of gaslighting helps you see it coming. Then, seeing it for what it is, you can discount it, reject and deny it. In this episode, I help you see ten faces of gaslighting that can help you recognize it for what it is: emotional abuse. The actual definition of gaslighting I […]

Wonder Why People-Pleasers Attract Emotional Abusers?

25 WAYS: When You Know Them, You Can Change Them! Growing up in an emotionally abusive home, or an overly compassionate home, or even and emotionally neglectful home can set you up to accept emotional abuse. It’s not your fault! HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: Insights into the effects of your childhood on your current relationships […]

10 Childhood Traumas You Need to Recognize & Recover From

childhood trauma

Did you have a toxic home life, or something that happened to you at a young age? Any of these 10 things we’re discussing could seriously affect your adult life. Ever wonder why you give difficult or toxic people too many chances? Ever wonder why you make a plan to leave, execute it, and end […]

Feeling Stuck & Second-Guessing Yourself?

second-guessing yourself

3 Good Questions I’m Often Asked That Show The Trauma Bonds Causing you to start second-guessing yourself is an unwritten directive of an emotionally abusive, narcissistic person. When that happens, they know they have staked their claim in your psyche and that you will have a harder time maintaining your boundaries and sense of self. […]

MEN: How to Revive a Dormant Sex Life After You’ve Killed the Connection

gs youngblood

Author of The Masculine in Relationships joins me to talk about male/female differences in relationships, and what’s toxic. Men, would you like to know what to say when your female partner is really angry? The answer–and many more–are in this episode with GS Youngblood, author of The Masculine in Relationship. HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: When […]

Future Faking

episode topic is future faking - the ways narcissists keep you hooked by promising futures you'll never have

One phony way narcissistic people keep you hooked. All those promises! All those dreams! Was it future faking? That’s a very common way that #Hijackals keep you engaged in the relationship. Learn how it works…and, what really doesn’t work about it. You need to see this clearly, or you’ll be hooked on hope! All you […]

Renowned Thoracic Surgeon Shares How Doctors Can Increase Empathy & Compassion

empathy & compassion in the care field - photo of Dr. Hassan Tetteh

Why is this episode on empathy & compassion important on a show about toxic relationships? Because your doctor–and other healers–need to be empathetic, aware, interested, listening, and compassionate. Empathy & compassion in care is critical to complete healing and health. Some care practitioners are wonderful. Others, not so much. You need to find one that […]