The Fastest Ways to Counteract Parental Alienation

If you are worried about future parental alienation, or you’re in the throes of it now, this episode offers valuable insights and strategies from a recognized expert. You NEED these tips! HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: Joe expands on the definition of Parental Alienation Why some people say Parental Alienation doesn’t exist Who is most likely […]

How To Clear Your Thinking To Co-Parent With A Narcissistic Hijackal.


You’re not living in the same house, but the Hijackal’s quest for control is heightened. The target? You. The issue? Co-parenting. Create these policies! HIGHLIGHTS OF TODAY’S EPISODE: Why you need a specific, exact, detailed child custody agreement What, why, and how to document things once you live apart What to do when your ex […]

What Highly-Sensitive People Need to Know to Escape the Trap of Emotional Abuse

Do you identify as highly-sensitive? It’s more than feeling hurt easily by far. Are you a highly-sensitive person? Find out today. AND, if you are, a narcissistic person would love to wind you up and shut you down. Listen in for big help! HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: How to know if you are a highly-sensitive […]

Housebound With A Hijackal? 10 Truths About Them You Can’t Change

Trying to change these ten things about a Hijackal is impossible. Nothing you say will change them. Save your breath. Take them to heart right now, especially when housebound! with them Still Housebound with a #Hijackal? Did the first moment you realized that you might be quarantined with a Hijackal parent or partner send shivers through […]

Tips for Divorcing a Hijackal® When Children are Involved – Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

When you considering divorcing a toxic person, or when you ARE divorcing a #Hijackal, and you have children, there are many considerations that might be more important than in other divorces. #Hijackals MUST win. They don’t really want the children as much as they want to have control over whether or not YOU have them. […]

Divorce Consultant Shares Tips On Using An Attorney vs. Representing Yourself

BIG issue that has to be done very well: choosing the right attorney to represent you when divorcing a #Hijackal®. Divorcing a Hijackal? A Narcissist? A relentlessly difficult person? You may be wondering how to find an attorney that you can afford and who will be able to withstand the nastiness of all there will […]

How To Get Emotional Toxicity Out Of Your Body

To be physically healthy, you also need emotional health. The two are closely related. Naturopath of note, and author of the new book Surviving A Viral Pandemic, talks about emotional toxicity, its effects on the body, and the essential changes required. HIGHLIGHTS OF TODAY’S EPISODE: The impact of trauma emotionally and physically The value of […]

Embracing Intentional Living By Clearing Mindset Blocks & Limiting Beliefs

You’ve had a lot going on! Today’s conversation encourages you to catch up with yourself, reflect on creating the life you most want, and taking steps to bring it into being. How not to let anyone else determine your happiness! HIGHLIGHTS OF TODAY’S EPISODE: What Diane Forster means by “intentional living” Why Intentional Living is […]

Navigating The Process of Uncoupling With Less Downtime GUEST: Tonya Carter

How shifting the story you tell yourself makes it possible to entertain new paths, purposes, and values. Divorcing Your Story can be very helpful once you’ve walked through the loss. HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: Hear Tonya Carter’s story of leaving a toxic relationship What she means by “divorce your story” Is shame and guilt always […]