Reclaiming Your Body after an Emotionally Abusive Relationship GUEST: Anna-Thea

You may feel unsafe after leaving an emotionally abusive relationship where sex was a demand or commodity. Wonderful insights for releasing your fear about new intimate relationships. For many women–and men, too–restoring a feeling of safety to enjoy sexual intimacy seems a long way off. Anna-Thea share invaluable insights for regaining that sense of safety. […]


How Knowing These Helps You Make Health-Affirming Decisions You likely give people the benefit of the doubt, or are willing to go the extra mile for them. That’s healthy and usually reciprocal. Great! BUT, when you’re with someone with narcissistic behaviors, it’s not healthy or reciprocal. It’s unhealthy and one-sided. HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS EPISODE: 4 […]

10 Emotionally Abusive Things Hijackals Say Often

person in "toxic" jacket - signs of a toxic relationship

… And How to NEUTRALIZE Their Effects on You You hear the same demeaning, dismissive things from narcissistic Hijackals all the time. It wears you down and they put your down. You need tools and strategies to neutralize the poison when it’s being poured on you. This episode gives you specific insights into keeping yourself […]

Healing Brain Fog, Fatigue & Depression Naturally GUEST: Dr. Brindusa Vanta

brain fog

If you feel like you cannot think straight, are too tired to enjoy life, or can’t find any joy in it, you’ll want to listen. Learn about the natural ways in which you can heal by addressing physical and emotional issues well. GO WITH YOUR GUT! How many times have you heard that? Sure, most […]


relationship help for couples and co-workers

Ugh! The narcissistic Hijackal falls silent, ignores you, and won’t respond. What’s up with that? What are they hoping to achieve? What’s your internal dialogue? What ways are most effective to respond? That’s today’s episode. So dismissive! Hijackals can treat you as though you’re invisible, erased, and definitely not present. They want to impress upon […]

Why Power is the Enemy of Love

Power in relationships can be a very difficult and disturbing issue. Of course, if you have a Hijackal parent, partner, sibling, or adult child, you’re well aware of that! This episode will give you new insights into solving ever-arising issues! HIGHLIGHTS OF TODAY’S EPISODE: 6 Signs Power Problems are Poisoning Your Relationship The smartest thing […]

Oops! Are You Enabling A Narcissist? Steps to Stopping

You may not realize what counts as enabling when dealing with a relentlessly difficult person, a Hijackal®. Gain some clarity and insights into good steps to take to stop enabling now. Because you are good, kind, compassionate, or pleasing person, you may not realize the ways in which you are enabling a narcissist to continue […]


Hijackals & other narcissistic people have neither thought nor intention of leveling any playing field. No, it’s about the all important winning. Why? What can you do or say? Use the ideas in this episode to step back from the crazy-making!  When you’re in a relationship with a relatively healthy person, you work things out. […]

8 Damaging Roles Narcissistic Parents Assign to Their Children

…How They Affect Your Self-Esteem & Adult Relationships You had no choice in the role a narcissistic parent created for you and assigned to you. You were stuck with it–while usually being quite unaware of it. It’s just the way your family is, like it or not, right? NOW, in this episode, see your assigned […]

How All-Or-Nothing Thinking Creates and Comes From Fear

Everything is a potential deal breaker when all-or-nothing thinking prevails! People who were raised in emotional abusive homes learn to think that way. If you are with one, you may be on the receiving end and need to understand and name it. You need to be able to do that. HIGHLIGHTS OF TODAY’S EPISODE: How […]