Provocative question! So many people say they are looking for love. For you to know what to do with it when you find it, you have to BE a lover.

What does it mean ‘to be a lover?’ It is not about words, though they can be expressive. It is not about money, though everyone enjoys gifts. It is not about doing things for the beloved, though that is always appreciated. It is not about spending time together, though that is delightful. It is not about the warmth of a hug and the touch of a hand, although connection affirms our existence.

To be a lover is all these things and more. To be a lover is to demonstrate consistent enthusiastic devotion to the object of your affections through those loving behaviors, and want for your partner what your partner wants for him or herself.

That’s a tall order and a full-time commitment. That’s why I say that relationship is a spiritual path within your spiritual path. It calls forth all that you have. That’s SoulWise Loving.

I wish you SoulWise Love.


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