Are the Holidays Duty, Dread or Delight? 3 Empowering Tips

Holidays or any celebration can be stressful. It may be exciting--which is stressful in itself--and it may be distressful.

Give yourself permission to recognize and act on the three empowering tips for surviving the holidays with other humans.

In fact, these three tips will always help you feel empowered.


  • 3 Empowering Tips to help you be more centered and calm in the holidays
  • How to take care of yourself around toxic people
  • Know that you can choose JOMO over FOMO
  • Control what is within your control--you--and leave the rest

Are the holidays duty, dread, or delight for you?

Can you look forward to any celebration, without concern that it will be ruined by others?

If you have a #Hijackal parent or a #Hijackal partner or ex, you know there is downside potential.

You likely cannot control anyone in your life, nor would you want to. (Kids excluded, of course...lol)

You also don't want to be controlled.

You're an adult and you have choices, right? You also don't want your happiness in other peoples' hands. It isn't, but often, folks think that it is. Happiness is an inside job. Place yourself in places, and situations where you can be happy. Remove yourself from situations where you historically cannot find happiness.

I know that sound simple, and is anything but easy. That's why I've given you these three insights today, and I hope you will take them to heart.

#Hijackals want to be the center of attention--whether they are present or not! They simply feed on having the power to control people and situations. They can refuse to come to something, or come and demand center stage. Still, they will be the topic of conversation. Just what they want.

Use these three empowering insights to stay centered and calm, and away from potentially volatile situations. You're an adult, right? You can choose. I hope you'll choose in favor of peace, happiness, and joy!

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