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Sometimes people forget that meaningful goals--ones they are really willing to accomplish---have to be created in line with their most deeply held values. Ideally you want your top five goals to be completely in line with the top five things you find significant, important and valuable to you.

As a good example of this, I'll tell you about John. He participated in a seminar I gave on "Discovering Your Life's Purpose". John was happy in his work, in fact, he "loved his job", and, yet, life was feeling like a struggle. He felt disjointed, pulled in various directions, and unable to put his finger on the problem.

John seemed clear in his three goals: to expand his sales territory by one state, increase his income by 30%, and to spend one day a week training new staff members. Worthwhile, clear goals, right? As the class explored their deeply held values, John's list had these three at the top: his relationship with his family, his spiritual life and his health.

In order to complete the exercise, John was asked to look at his plans for achieving his goals. They included being out of town frequently. Sometimes he was away a week or so at a time working long days including weekends. Many of his children's activities took place on weekends. When John came home he was very tired and needed much time to catch up on sleep as well as the work items waiting for him. He missed meeting with his spiritual community on weekends as well.

How were John's goals in line with his values? The way in which John chose to meet his goals was leading him away from what he said he valued. No wonder he was feeling pulled"! The solution was readily available: John took the weekends out of his travel schedule. Then he was in alignment with his values while still meeting his goals.

When goals and values are not aligned, you experience mixed emotions and a sense of disarray within. Take the time to remember your values and adjust your goals accordingly. Pay most attention to your values.


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