7 Warning Signs and Wake-Up Calls That Your Partner is MORE Than Selfish

You may be thinking it's just selfishness, but it could be much more. Don't miss this!

You excuse. You rationalize. You justify. And, repeat. You think that if you are more understanding, loving, compassionate, or giving then the demands will stop.

Not if you're with a Hijackal®!

That's why it's so important to know if that's the case.

I've written a free ebook for you to find out. How To Spot A Hijackal. Get it HERE.

Having someone in your life who demands to be the center of attention is exhausting. Even if you just give in and let them have the limelight, you cannot help but have some resentment brewing within, and that's exhausting.

In this episode, I'm talking about verbal signs. In fact, I've given you seven things that a MORE THAN SELFISH person will say often, or at least, seem to be saying--or behaving--all the time. And, you don't want to hear them. It makes you scream inside...if not outside, occasionally. And, that's taking a toll on you.

Notice what you are feeling when you hear those seven things.

  • Do these selfish attitudes pop up often in your relationship with this MORE THAN SELFISH person?
  • If it was/is a parent, can you recognize how this diminished you over the years?
  • If it is your partner, do you feel less than, neglected, and screaming "What about me?" in your head?
  • Is it a friend who always brings the conversation back to what's up with them?
  • Are you too used to living with the drama and now recognize a need for change?
  • Do you drag my feel about changing your relationship because it all seems so difficult, distressing, and uncertain?

Let's talk soon. I can help. Schedule a free consultation HERE.

I hope this empowers you to make positive changes.

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