12 Signs You Are in a Love/Hate Relationship And Need Help

There is something wrong, something off, in your relationship. You can feel it, and you may not be quite able to put words to it, to describe it to yourself even. Yet, you know it's not right!

Good start! Go with your gut!

Hijackals®, those relentlessly difficult, toxic, disturbing--and often dangerous--people, have "tells." Those are the signs that you need to see as early as possible...even if that happens after you've been with them for ten years. Or, if you were born to them and only see it all now!

In this episode, I'll help you see how what you thought were the great traits of the person, are NOT what's real about them. Sad, right? You fell in love with Prince or Princess Charming, and now you've got the Prince or Princess of Darkness. So disappointing!

If you're like most people whom Hijackals target, though, you'll do your very best to make excuses for their bad behavior, to rationalize and justify it. You'll dance as fast as you can to do the best you can, and yet, it will never be good enough. When you're with a Hijackal, everything--and I mean everything--will be your fault. Familiar?

These twelve signs are explained in today's podcast. (There are more, and I'll save them for further discussion in other episodes.)

See these twelve signs. Think about these twelve signs. How many are present in your relationship with the Hijackal, whether that's your partner, ex, mother, father, friend, co-worker?

Notice what you are feeling. Ask yourself these questions after you listen:

  • What makes me want to believe what they say?
  • Why do I not trust my gut, my intuition?
  • Do I ever really get a straight answer from the Hijackal?
  • Am I always backing down or apologizing?
  • Do I ever feel safe in my relationship with them?
  • Am I always feeling discounted, blamed, or worse, degraded?
  • Do they care what I think or how I feel?
  • Why do I think it's my job to please them?

These answers will lead you to a more healthy, balanced place now that you've heard the twelve signs in today's podcast.

You can make it stop. Let's talk soon. I can help. Schedule a free consultation HERE.

I hope this empowers you to make positive changes.

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