10 Reasons You May Have For Not Walking Away From Your Abuser

You have good reasons for staying, I know. If any of these ten reasons I'm sharing today are the ones you're telling yourself, I hope you see it differently after you listen. I'm here for you.

Could any of these things be true?

  • Your relationship is bad. And, you don't want to admit it.
  • You keep hoping that things will get better.
  • You make excuses for your partner's outbursts.
  • You believe your abuser when s/he says you are nothing worth having, and no one else would want you.
  • You hang onto the last time you heard "I love you" and fool yourself that it is true.

Any of these sound familiar? You're not alone. And, these aren't even the ten reasons in today's episode!

This episode will give you insights into:

  • why you don't want to recognize the abuse
  • what scares you about actually calling it the abuse it is
  • how you have been groomed to put up with the emotional abuse, and verbal abuse
  • how the Hijackal reinforces your fears about leaving
  • the real facts about what's real and what's not about leaving

Who wants to believe they are being abused?

Yet, you are being abused. And, yes, that is the only word that covers it.

S/he is not going through a bad time, stressed, depressed, or repressed. S/he is like that most of the time, and wants you to think it's your fault, right?

Well, it isn't your fault that s/he is unhappy, nor is it your fault that they are angry, upset, yelling, stomping, or threatening.

It also isn't your fault if s/he is frozen and giving you the dreaded Silent Treatment.

All those are choices your partner, parent, friend, or co-worker is making in response to their lives. They could choose differently but they don't because they want to make you believe it's all your fault. And also, being Hijackals, they will take responsibility for nothing, nor be accountable for anything.

So, today's episode gives you ten reasons you may be using in your head that may be keeping you in an abusive situation.

Once your recognize the truth in them you can change all that. It won't be easy, but it is best. You can have a healthy life!

Hijackals are toxic people who create toxic relationships! It's SO important not to respond with toxicity to them.

Most important reason: you won't like yourself when you do!

I hope this help you see that more clearly. If you need help with this, I'm here for you.

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