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Right now, my relationship feels:

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If you need relationship advice, solutions to relationship problems, or answers to relationship questions, you're in the right place.You need answers to your relationship questions, and solutions to your relationship issues.

In your relationship, things may feel rocky, distant, broken, or even, hopeless, right now. Don't give up!

Lots of people need help with their relationship. Relationships are not easy!

I can help. I'm Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, and I'd like to offer you some quick, free tips that could

help you start to save your relationship right now!

I want you to know that there are many things you can do to improve it, to breathe new life into it, and to create a closer, more emotionally intimate bond than you've had before!


Are you actually in a committed relationship?

Or, are you in what I call in my book, KAIZEN FOR COUPLES, a "Hokey-Pokey Relationship?"

A hokey-pokey relationship is one where you have one foot in and one foot out. It's the one where your friends or family tell you that "You can always get a divorce." That's lethal..and one cause of the high divorce rate, too!

People in committed relationships do their best to find solutions. Hokey-Pokey people take the easy way out...and, unfortunately, they get a lot of support for doing it from friends who don't know to fix relationship problems, and solve relationship issues, either! They only know how to tell you to walk away. Not a great solution, in most cases.

Commitment takes work...and honesty, respect, vulnerability, learning, transparency, and a few other not-so-easy things to face. But, it's worth it!

You might be afraid to face the truth of your relationship. 

The beginning of the journey to a healthy relationship is to recognize that your current one is NOT healthy for either of you. Some people don't want to face this because:

  1. They think they have failed, and don't want to admit there are relationship problems.
  2. They are afraid of getting help and what might be asked of them.
  3. They don't want to find out that they are contributing to the problem. They prefer to blame it on their partners.
  4. They don't care enough...about themselves, their partner, or the relationship.

REALITY CHECK: If your relationship is exhausting you--and maybe, both of you, you need help now before there is any further damage to either of you. You deserve that! 

If you could have turned the relationship around without relationship help, you would have by now. That's really hard to do, and it gets harder the longer you wait to get help.

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