If you are experiencing relationship drama, you are in the right place.

If you want that drama to stop, and are really ready to do the work, get a free Relationship Relief Consultation with Dr. Shaler by Skype video!

“Thank you for helping repair our once great relationship.
We both feel strongly it is getting back to where it was because of you.”

It is so easy to say “This will pass,” and yet, it seldom does. The Gottman Institute research showed that couples on average have a problem for six years before getting help or simply walking away. Don’t let that be you. Get help now.

Don’t let unresolved conflicts, misunderstandings, hurts and losses fester.  Get the relationship help you need  now. Create a much better future while releasing your hold on the past…and, it’s hold on you.

If you know you’re ready to solve the problems, you can have a free 30-minute consultation with Dr. Shaler .

NOTE: Due to a very busy schedule, Dr. Shaler only takes five new clients each month.

If, at the end of your free consultation,  Dr. Shaler thinks you are a good fit for working together to accomplish your goals, and you agree, 
you will have the opportunity of securing your space in one of her programs for individuals and couples.

Invest in your relationship. It is important to your sense of self and to your sense of well-being. Make it a priority. 

PLEASE NOTE: You are making a commitment on my time as well as yours. Once it’s time to schedule your free consultation call, please be very sure that you will be able to be on the call and Skype-ready on time.

If you find that you will NOT be able to be on a free consultation call that you have scheduled, please cancel your appointment 18 hours before online HERE. 

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