Relationship Advice: Is Your Friend’s Relationship Emotionally Dangerous?

Are you afraid that your friend is in an emotionally dangerous relationship? Here’s some immediate relationship help, so you can share it with your friend right away. You want your friend to be safe, yet you see his or her partner behaving in less-than-loving ways too often. How can you Continue Reading →

3 Key Shifts To Make Your Good Relationship Great

Warm, comfortable relationships can get even better with these three key shifts. Many times, when your relationship seems happier, easier, and more content than ones your friends have, you think you’ve hit the jackpot. Maybe, it’s no longer exciting, new, or intriguing, but it is comfortable and seemingly secure. That’s Continue Reading →

Am I Seeing A Passive-Aggressive Man?

Passive-aggressive people do passive-aggressive things. Until you say “NO!”, this pattern will continue! Today a woman called the office to ask if there was any hope for her relationship because she really thinks the man she’s involved with is passive-aggressive. She also wanted to get her hands on a copy Continue Reading →

Relationship Help: Help! I Don’t Find My Partner Attractive Anymore. Part 2

There’s a very good reason why traditional wedding vows include the “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health” bit!  It’s because things change!  And you might need some relationship help to cope with that change!  Whether or not you had a wedding or not, Continue Reading →

Relationship Help: Does Your Ex Bad Mouth You to Your Kids?

It is SUCH an obvious thing that should not happen: ex-partners badmouthing one another to the children. That’s when you really might need to step up and get relationship help to put a stop to it!  It is SO important to manage your relationship with your ex WITH YOUR EX, Continue Reading →

Relationship Help: Are You Getting Diatribes When You’re Wanting Dialogues?

Sometimes, we’re afraid to open up conversations about troubling issues for fear it will only make matters worse. We’re afraid that we’ll be met with a diatribe and there will be no dialogue. Sound familiar? What’s a diatribe? Well, that’s when someone holds forth and seldom takes a breath while Continue Reading →

Relationship Help: Tips for Telling the Tough Truth

Relationships require honesty. That means you have to have the skills, willingness and ability to tell the tough truth. Sometimes that takes some relationship help. What is the “tough truth”?  It is what is true for you that the other many not want to hear, or may not respond to Continue Reading →

Relationship Help: Are You Engaged in All-or-Nothing Thinking?

From mountains to molehills, from molehills to mountains, and nowhere in between. That’s the dangerous territory of an all-or-nothing thinker who actually feels s/he is playing it safe! If you and/or your partner are all-or-nothing thinkers, this blog post will give you insights into why you need relationship help to Continue Reading →

Keynotes & Seminars

“Motivating, inspiring, content-rich, practical. What more could we have wanted!”   That comment from a recent meeting planner is just what you will hear when you engage Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor. These power-packed topics are available as Read More > >