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“Motivating, inspiring, content-rich, practical. What more could we have wanted!”   That comment from a recent meeting planner is just what you will hear when you engage Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor. These power-packed topics are available as Read More > >

Relationship Help: When the wedding daze is over and real life begins…

Out on the playground, or in the sandbox, little children stamp their feet and say, “Me. Me. I want it my way!!!” Often, in relationships we find big kids–we call them adults because they got bigger–metaphorically stamping their feet and saying the same thing. I am particularly struck by this Continue Reading →

Relationship Help: Ever Feel Taken for Granted?

A great enemy of loving relationships is that old phrase: “taken for granted.” It’s a sure sign of needing relationship help. Many folks who have been in relationship for a while are well-served by stopping to think about whether or not they might be taking their partners for granted. What Continue Reading →

Relationships: 4 Vital Connections to Reduce Holiday Stress Now

It’s holiday time.  Time for seeing friends and relatives, creating traditions, celebrating together.  Time for taking time to connect.  Time for family relationships and traditions. Time that sometimes seems a little scarce  throughout the rest of the year. Sounds great!  But, a small problem. Somehow, during the holidays, time becomes even Continue Reading →

Need Relationship Help? Take a moment for this!

Sometimes we are so mired down in the details of our lives that we forget to lift our heads and see the bigger picture. Today, I just wanted to give you something to warm your heart and lift your spirit…as well as your head. For there to be peace in Continue Reading →