Your Children Watch You. What Are They Learning?

Children watch. From the moment they are born, they watch…and, they are watching you.  Right from birth, your children watch. They are being imprinted with all that they take in through their senses, through what they see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. They have no language but they hear the Continue Reading →

How to Avoid “Holiday Hell” with Family, Friends & Partners!

Holiday Hell! That’s when you are pushed, pressured, obligated and bound by the expectations of others that you have taken on yourself. Those others may be your family, your partner, your church, workplace or culture. You somehow feel you HAVE to do things, to live up to those expectations.  GREAT Continue Reading →

Relationship Help: Does Your Ex Bad Mouth You to Your Kids?

It is SUCH an obvious thing that should not happen: ex-partners badmouthing one another to the children. That’s when you really might need to step up and get relationship help to put a stop to it!  It is SO important to manage your relationship with your ex WITH YOUR EX, Continue Reading →

Are you Self-Aware & “Other” Wise?

Becoming other wise is one of the greatest benefits of getting relationship help, even when you don’t think you need it. Gathering insights and learning skills proactively keeps your relationship healthy and strong. Don’t wait for a problem! Recently, I was invited to speak at a women’s conference just an Continue Reading →

Relationship Help: Good-Enough Parenting between Neglect & Over-Protect

Perfectionistic parents have a tough time with “good-enough” parenting. Other parents have a tough time finding the balance between the two extremes of neglecting and over-protecting. Where is that balance and how do you know if you’ve found it? First of all, we need a little more information. Do you Continue Reading →

Keynotes & Seminars

“Motivating, inspiring, content-rich, practical. What more could we have wanted!”   That comment from a recent meeting planner is just what you will hear when you engage Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor. These power-packed topics are available as Read More > >

Relationship Help: Adult Kids Not Talking to You?

I was on Facebook this morning reading the Mother’s Day messages.  Several spoke of their sense of pain and loss that their adult children were no longer communicating with them. It was particular pain of the phone not ringing and the post box empty on Mother’s Day.  understand that. It Continue Reading →

Relationship Help: Do You Have to Say “I’m Sorry” When You’re Not?

Were you ever taught to say “Sorry” even when you weren’t?  Or, even worse, were you taught to say “Sorry” when you had nothing to be sorry about? It started very early for most of us. We were taught that other people count more than we do. We were taught Continue Reading →